Data Analysis - Data Science - Data Visualization

Do you need assistance in making decisions informed by your data?

Are you looking for effective and beautiful data visualizations to convince or tell a story?

I help my clients enhance their capabilities to work with data.


Extract, collect, gather, clean, document, and transform data for downstream use.

I can help you:

  • Collect data from SQL databases, APIs, spreadsheets, or websites.
  • Transform and reshape data in a reproducible way.
  • Clean and normalize data in a reproducible way.
  • Automate data processing workflows.


Research, explore, model, cluster, predict, and classify data to generate actionable insights.

I can help you:

  • Do exploratory data analysis and summary statistics.
  • With statistical inference: hypothesis testing, multivariable regression.
  • Do text mining, text categorization, and topic segmentation.
  • Classify or predict using machine learning techniques.


Turn data and insights into contents, visualizations, dashboards or reports to inform business decisions.

I can help you:

  • Automate the production of reports or presentations -example.
  • Design clear and effective data visualizations and dashboards -example.
  • Create visualizations for your website or that are print-ready -example.
  • Choose the most appropriate tools for your needs -example.

How I like to work

I start every project by meeting you online or in person in order to understand your goals and data. From there, I will propose a solution tailored to your needs or the needs of the users.

I can work independently or by collaborating with you, your database engineer, or front-end developer, as a creator or an advisor. I can take on the entire process, from data collection to analysis, visualization, and communication in a way that makes sense to you or your audience.

The following principles characterize my work: clear and documented code, simple and uncluttered design, and an unwavering commitment to give the best of myself for each project.

Don’t hesitate to reach out so that we can determine together how I can help you.

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