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Do you need assistance in making decisions informed by your data?

Are you looking for effective and beautiful data visualizations to convince or tell a story?

I help my clients enhance their capabilities to work with data.

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Extract, collect, gather, clean, document, and transform data for downstream use.


Research, explore, model, cluster, predict, classify data to generate actionable insights.


Turn data and insights into contents, visualizations, dashboards or reports to inform business decisions.


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About Me

Hi, I’m François Delavy, a data analyst and data visualization consultant. I am especially interested in helping non-profit organizations leveraging their data, civic technology and public sector innovation, as well as open data.

After a Master of engineering in the life sciences, several years of work as a research and data analyst, and a crossing of the Atlantic, I launched my consulting business. I’m thrilled to help my clients by doing what I love: discover what’s hidden in their data!

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