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Data Analysis - Data Science - Data Visualization

I am a data scientist passionate about data visualization and civic technology. My background is in life sciences and neuroengineering, I have work experience in science policy, and I am currently doing research in social sciences. I am particularly interested in building data-driven products that benefit society.

After a Master’s degree in Life Sciences and Technology at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), I worked for the Swiss National Science Foundation. There, I honed my skills as a data and research analyst, data visualization and communication specialist, project manager, and cross-functional and interdisciplinary partner.

I decided to take another step in my career and moved to the United States to deepen my skills, in particular in data science and data visualization. On the journey, I earned a data science degree with Thinkful, led a volunteer project at Code for Boston, and launched my humble consulting business.

I am now back in Switzerland and am responsible for the data collection, management, and analysis of a research project at the Academy for social work in Fribourg. Our goal is to better understand suicidality among health and social workers to propose recommendations and measures for prevention and support.

In my free time, I volunteer at Correlaid, run and climb, and am a proud dad.

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