Hacklab Ghana Developer Census 2020

A Data4Good project with CorrelAid and the Hacklab Foundation

Project Details

The First and Most Comprehensive Survey of People Who Code in Ghana

The Hacklab Ghana Developer Census 2020 was developed by CorrelAid in a Data4Good project in collaboration with the Hacklab Foundation. 272 participants responded to the 41 questions of the survey conducted by Hacklab Research between November and December 2020. We, a group of four CorrelAid volunteers, created an interactive visual report of the survey results. It was well received in Ghana!

A GIF scrolling through the report to show its features.

We built the report with the R language (r-project.org) and some bits of HTML and CSS for the design. The result is a standalone HTML report which can be hosted anywhere and offers more interactivity than a PDF. The code is available on GitHub.