Asia Pacific Cyber Stakeholder Report

Network analysis and visualization for the UK Government

Project Details

  • Client : DartKite Ltd
  • What I Did : Analysis, data viz
  • Tools Used : R, Gephi
  • Date : March 2021

Network Analysis and Visualization for the Asia Pacific Cyber Stakeholder Report

I was commissioned by Dartkite Ltd to provide network analysis and network visualization in a recent project commissioned by the UK Government. The report delivers insights on Cyber Stakeholders in the Asia Pacific region.

DartKite Ltd is a UK-based boutique consulting firm that provides strategic cybersecurity and technology expertise. They collected a massive dataset of cybersecurity stakeholders in the Asia Pacific region and their objective was to identify and rank the most influential stakeholders.

Part of what makes stakeholders influential is how well they are connected. My role was to analyze the networks formed by these stakeholders, and I made two contributions for the report:

  1. Computations of the level of influence of stakeholders within the network (eigencentrality), an integral part of the ranking method.
  2. Visualizations of the stakeholder networks in each country.

An example of a graph of cyber stakeholder for one country.

Cyber stakeholder network example (anonymized). The aim of this visualization is to highlight the most influential stakeholders according to DarKite’s expert ranking, in green, while also showing the structure and connections of the full network.


Francois did a wonderful job supporting Dartkite to visualise our findings. He really tried to get to the heart of our requirements and offered excellent feedback on how best to make the visualisations as useful as possible. He worked closely with us to meet some very tight deadlines and was extremely professional throughout the project. I would absolutely recommend Francois to anyone looking to produce insightful and eye-catching data visualisations.” Simon Jones — co-founder of Dartkite