About Me

Resume and favorite tools

I’m a data analyst and data visualization consultant, especially interested in helping non-profit organizations leveraging their data, civic technology and public sector innovation, as well as open data.

After a Master degree in Life Sciences and Technology at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), I worked for the Swiss National Science Foundation. There, I honed my skills as a:

  • data and research analyst, designing and implementing statistical analyses to inform strategic decisions and for quality control.

  • data visualization and communication specialist, designing effective visualization to convey strategic findings and KPIs to the higher-management and audiences with varying degrees of visual and statistical literacy.

  • project manager, leading the open government data portal project.

  • cross-functional and interdisciplinary partner; collaborating with lawyers, data scientists, database engineers, communication specialists, statisticians, IT specialists, scientists, and executive management.

I decided to take another step in my career and moved to the United States to deepen my skills and launch my consulting business.

In my free time, I volunteer at Code for Boston, where I co-lead the Safe-Water project.

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Here are some of my favorite tools.

Data Wrangling

R Tidyverse, Python Pandas/Scrapy, SQL (PostgresSQL, T-SQL), Excel

Data Analysis

R Tidyverse, Python Scikit-learn/Numpy

Data Visualization

R ggplot2, Python Matplotlib/Seaborn, Tableau, Inkscape, Datawrapper, Google Data Studio

Natural Language Processing

Python Spacy/nltk, R Tidytext


Atom, RStudio, JupyterLab, GitHub


Slack, Miro, G Suite, Trello

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